#ATM: February 2016

  • Remembered Lola Maria.


  • Learned about existentialism.


  • Got encouragement from TL Arden.


  • Enjoyed Papa’s Sunday special.


  • Spent time with Team Arden.
  • Completed my UP Open University application requirements. Excited to go back to studying.


  • Went on a walkathon around UPLB.
  • Attended this year’s UPLB Feb Fair. Glad to see my sorority sisters and fraternity brothers after almost five years.


  • Went on a walkathon around UP Diliman, too.
  • Quit jogging for a week. My eyes became dry and itchy from severe lack of enough (quality) sleep. I feel heavier by the day.. and I miss waking up early to see the sunrise.


  • Spent time with people who matter.
  • Went on a date with myself.
  • Spent a lot of time with my dog, Blue.
  • Adopted another dog, Charlie. He’s malnourished and poorly groomed, but I hope he’ll get better in a few months’ time.



  • Visited by Kuya’s dog, Bart.
  • Got a new phone and it’s making me narcissistic.
  • Submitted my resignation. I want to quit teaching until I get my diploma in Education Studies.
  • Still studying Korean. Doing well in reading, but sucks at listening. Level 1 seems attainable, but I still want to go for Level 2.
  • Added more goals for this year. My mom thinks I’m biting off more than I can chew, but I’m gonna stick to my plans.
  • I’ve become more cynical – can’t even trust myself.

Teacher Diaries #5

If you’re gonna lie to your teacher, do it perfectly. Your teachers were once students too, and they had their fair share of lying to their previous teachers. Plus if your teachers have been handling classes for more than a year, they pretty much know if you are lying or not — even if you do it really well. #liargame #teenageninjastudents