#ATM: February 2016

  • Remembered Lola Maria.


  • Learned about existentialism.


  • Got encouragement from TL Arden.


  • Enjoyed Papa’s Sunday special.


  • Spent time with Team Arden.
  • Completed my UP Open University application requirements. Excited to go back to studying.


  • Went on a walkathon around UPLB.
  • Attended this year’s UPLB Feb Fair. Glad to see my sorority sisters and fraternity brothers after almost five years.


  • Went on a walkathon around UP Diliman, too.
  • Quit jogging for a week. My eyes became dry and itchy from severe lack of enough (quality) sleep. I feel heavier by the day.. and I miss waking up early to see the sunrise.


  • Spent time with people who matter.
  • Went on a date with myself.
  • Spent a lot of time with my dog, Blue.
  • Adopted another dog, Charlie. He’s malnourished and poorly groomed, but I hope he’ll get betterΒ in a few months’ time.



  • Visited by Kuya’s dog, Bart.
  • Got a new phone and it’s making meΒ narcissistic.
  • Submitted my resignation. I want to quit teaching until I get my diploma in Education Studies.
  • Still studying Korean. Doing well in reading, but sucks at listening. Level 1 seems attainable, but I still want to go for Level 2.
  • Added more goals for this year. My mom thinks I’m biting off more than I can chew, but I’m gonna stick to my plans.
  • I’ve become more cynical – can’t even trust myself.