#ATM: March 2016

  • Went to work without any make-up for 3 weeks. I just felt too lazy going to work at 2PM and conducting my first class at 6:35PM.





  • Quit working as an English teacher a week ago. I didn’t even regret it.. which makes me question myself if I made the right decision to pursue Education Studies. Hmm.
  • Still studying Korean. Less than a month away from my TOPIK test and I’m still not confident that I’ll be able to pass it.
  • Watched 3 Oscar-nominated movies: Spotlight, The Big Short, and Truth.
  • Blue participated inΒ Anti-Rabies Awareness Month Kick-off Activities.
  • Charlie died.


  • Went out drinking with a few Korean friends (can’t upload our photos, though). Ended up doing language exchange with one of them, but sadly, it didn’t work out.


  • Spent time with P and V.
  • Random things that made me happy:
  • Spent most of my free time hanging out in coffee shops.
  • Started a blog post series called “Ten Word Stories”.
  • Been sleeping for more than 8 hours and eating less. Losing weight without even exercising.


  • I feel like everything’s for naught – I have zero motivation to do anything. Whatever I do, it just doesn’t work out the way I want it to. I feel like a failure. More than that, I feel alone even in the presence of my family and friends.Β I can’t tell them my worries because I’m afraid they might judge me. I resorted toΒ talking to strangers and old acquaintances because I didn’t feel any need to impress them. It felt good unloading emotional burden, but it wasn’t enough. I still feel empty. I don’t know what exactly I am looking for, but I don’t think I’m gonna find it any time soon.