One sincere apology would do. Gutter language? “Ganyan ang lalaki”? Bullshit. Are we supposed to take a half-assed apology because “at least nagsorry”? I understood the story behind it, but not how he came up with the joke. The issue is with the crass joke, nothing else. Smear campaign? Fuck you. #NoToRape

More than his tasteless joke, reading comments on the issue is more maddening. #NoToRape

“Wala naman mababago kahit magsorry sya. Isa pa, pinapatay naman nya yung mga rapists ah! Tsaka, 1989 pa to. Bakit ang sensitive mo eh di naman ikaw yung nirape at pinatay? Joke lang, siniseryoso mo. Wala na bang ibang maibato kaya pati joke pinapatulan mo? Lahat nakamove on na, ikaw na lang hindi.”

Watched the video over and over. Why people laughed (and why he didn’t tell his audience to shut up, or at least correct himself that it wasn’t meant as a joke) is beyond me.
Making a joke out of a traumatic experience.
Moving on without a sincere apology.
Oh right, he apologized. That’s just his style. He was just being himself. It was a Bisaya joke which got lost in translation. He wasn’t born conyo so.. SAH-REEE!
If it wasn’t enough, vote for someone else! Someone who would not even say sorry, hmmp!
Diverting the issue to politics, because why focus on rape? He implemented a lot of pro-women city laws. He had many pro-women projects. He is pro-women.
People make mistakes. Let him off the hook. Forget about his maid joke and his kissing in the public. It’s just how he is.
He can save this country!
He’s the only one who can do it!
Oh, are we still talking about rape?
Aren’t you overreacting?
The joke’s on you.
Shit happens all the time.
This is how you silence a rape victim.
#sarcasm #readingcommentsbelike #NoToRape

“Actions speak louder than words.”

Pinaghiganti nya yung biktima kaya pwede syang magjoke tungkol dun? Hindi pwedeng piliting magsorry kasi daanin na lang sa track record? Ay, nagsorry na pala. Pero may pahabol na kung ayaw nyo sa kanya, wag nyo sya iboto.
Hindi boto ang usapan dito. Paghingi ng paumanhin na walang bahid na pulitika. Dahil hindi pamumulitika ang rape.
Rape is a crime. Joking about it is trivializing the crime and the trauma the victims went through.
Huwag nyong ipamukha sa mga biktima kung ano nagawa nya. Huwag nyong bali-baligtarin ang mga salita kung malinaw pa sa araw ang implikasyon ng sinabi nya. Hindi nyo alam kung gaano kasakit na marinig yung tawanan ang pambababoy sayo.
This isn’t about being self-righteous. This is about being sensitive to the plight of rape victims.

You cried foul when SAF44 were killed. You cried foul when Kidapawan farmers were killed and arrested. You even cried foul when Pacman aired his views against same sex marriage.

Why couldn’t you call him out when he used rape as a joke? How could you let him mask it as something said out of anger? How could you allow this issue to be reduced as nothing but black propaganda?
Many rape victims do not get the justice they deserve. And many have already given up hope that they will.
The least that you can do is to be sensitive.

“It’s just a joke. A bad joke.”

Rape changes the way you see other people. You can never look at your perpetrator/s’ gender the same way. It instills fear and suspicion. It becomes an endless battle between needing support from the same/other gender, and hating them at the same time, simply because of what they remind you.
Now imagine being raped as a child. How would you socialize? Kids tend to make fun of people who are different or those who they don’t understand. And you are different.
Now imagine being raped as a teenager. How would you cope? Teens tend to be very curious and they tend to experience a lot of firsts. If you admit you were raped, you’re going to be labeled. And high school labels stick, no matter how much time has passed.
Now imagine being raped as an adult. How would you react when people accuse you of “asking for it”? Being told that because you were wearing shorts, you were asking for it. That because you were out drinking with a friend, you were asking for it. You let it happen to you.
“It’s just a joke. A bad joke.”
Before you reduce it to black propaganda, I urge you to take a moment to imagine how life is like as a rape victim.

Let the rape victims grieve. They may still be bleeding, or bleeding anew. Or they may still be feeling a sting from their wound.

Think of those who may have recently suffered from it. Think of those who may have kept it a secret and have yet to come to terms with it. Think of those who are raped repeatedly by their family member/s or spouse. Think of those who were raped and killed (or vice versa).
But they – those who survived / are still trying to survive, and even their families and friends who they left behind – will get over this.
After all the insensitive remarks, accusations and apologies, I hope everyone learned a thing or two.. And I pray that sensitivity is one of them.