I did not vote for you, but congratulations Mayor. I would have preferred having women in the highest 2 positions in the country. Robredo might have a chance – the fight’s not over yet..
Anyway, congratulatons Pinas – the youth, especially. I have not seen that many young voters in the last 2 elections. It’s a good sign – (most, or at least some) voters do not just fall victim to dirty tricks anymore. We started asking, demanding what these people can do for the country. We did our research, joined discussions, got into arguments, fought for what we believe our country deserves.
This is one intense election. I hope the patriotism doesn’t end today. We all want change, let’s all be the change we’re looking for. And maybe, with the help of the elected candidates, we’ll finally! have a way better country and brighter future.
Good night and good job, Pinas.