#ATM: July 2016

This month was an emotional roller coaster ride I wanted to get out of badly. I was sick and depressed and suicidal – but I survived, thanks to those who sincerely care for me. I am lucky and blessed with people who are willing to share my pain.

To those who stuck around even when I was at my worst, thank you.

  • First half of July: I couldn’t eat for a week – I tried but I always ended up throwing up everything. I was so stressed and depressed that I spent that week just sleeping and going to work. I was diagnosed with ulcer and dehydration.

No matter how much make up I put on, I still looked pale and sick. I stopped putting on lipstick because I kept washing it off after throwing up.

  • Graduated from our 3-month company training. BEST WAVE EVER.
  • Random things that made me happy:
  • Someone sent me these photos while shopping around and I was surprised at how much weight I’ve lost within a month.
  • Cut my hair short to remove excess baggage. Lol.

  • Spent time with a handful of people close to my heart.
  • Spent a lot of time alone, too.
  • Went on a walkathon around BGC.
  • Ended the month by going on a quick trip to Tagaytay for a few kilos of beef, a bowl of bulalo, a plate of fried tawilis, a cup of kapeng barako, and a dose of wanderlust chikahan with the elders.
  • And the best part of this month — I GOT INTO UP OPEN UNIVERSITY! I’ve waited 7 years to finally go back to college and finally, I did it! One goal down, many more to go!