#ATM: August 2016

  • Had occasional abdominal pain due to ulcer. Nothing new.


  • Took Korean classes in Berlitz. The lessons are quite easy, I just need to practice speaking Korean more confidently. (I also met my classmate from Basic Korean way back 2013. What a small world.)
  • Spent most of my weekend mornings either studying Korean or preparing lessons for my students.
  • Continued teaching English in my free time.
  • Started teaching Korean, too.
  • Braved rainy and sunny days. For the love of money. Lol
  • Became a certified member of #TitasOfManila.


  • Made someone’s day by giving her a book she was trying to collect. #nerdysquad


  • Enjoyed Papa’s #sundayspecial again after a couple of weeks.


  • Joined our team lunch.
  • Went to Quiapo, Manila for the first time.


  • Finally used the calendar one of my former Korean managers gave me. (And he actually marked his birth date so I won’t forget. Hahaha)


  • Gave away brownies at work for good vibes.


  • Spent time with the only person I can call during wee hours, especially when I feel unsafe while commuting to work.


  • Found my new favorite tambayan.
  • Had dinner with my siblings.
  • Had dinner with my family.
  • Admired my parents for being a #relationshipgoal — 28 years of being together, and they still look like a pair of giddy teenagers.


  • Wondered how spoiled my parents’ future grandchildren would be if this is how they spoil our dog, Blue.

Found this while looking for food. Pure beef burger patties, only for Blue. #spoiledbitch

  • Still ecstatic about my admission to UP Open University.


  • Grateful to all those who looked out for me, especially during one of my lowest points. I’m just glad to have met true friends who will always be on my side and are thoughtful enough to take care of me when I’m too busy/sick.


  • Password-protected my rant posts because I just can’t deal with all the negativityΒ any longer. You knowΒ who you are, and you know what you did. Losing you is the best decision I made this year — good riddance. And to your partner who keeps stalking me, please get a life. You reek of insecurities. Spreading word about my blog just proves your incompetence. My last words to both of you? Stay out of my life.
  • Stayed positive (and unbelievably pretty, lol) amidst stress and issues.