​I hate it when people romanticize rape.

Rape is a crime – there is no silver lining, only a lifetime of trauma, dysfunctional relationships and distorted body image.

Rape fucks you up. There will be lots of sleepless nights, trigger-induced breakdowns, nightmares, and self-loathing. It stops for a while and then resurfaces, much like how waves come and go.

There is no escape.

The loss of authority over your own body, the violation, and the shame that the society attaches to the victims — this is what a victim has to live with.

Now, what’s so great about that?

PS. The excuse of “boys will be boys” for women and the pressure of “don’t be a pussy” for men have to stop. Rape has no gender.

Lastly, don’t ever tell a victim that things happen for a reason. And if you do, I hope you get slapped to your senses. You deserve it.