3am thoughts

On nights like this, when I’m lying on my bed and idling time away, I often think about us. About you. About why it works with you, despite the blaring reasons why it won’t — or shouldn’t.

For someone who meticulously plans her year ahead, you are my last minute change of plan. You are the spontaneity in my humdrum life. With you, I can never predict my future because tomorrow might be an entirely different life.

You keep me on my toes, yet I am secure, knowing I’ll always be part of your life. Our roles keep changing, but one thing remains — we are each other’s confidante. The openness of thoughts and rawness of feelings during our moments of vulnerability speak volume about our relationship.

Sometimes, I lose sleep pondering on unnecessary questions like why you mean so much to me, or why I always seem to understand. But when I already have you and we promise to make it work, does it even matter if I find the answers?