I’m sorry, but I’m not looking.

Please stop bugging me because I’m not looking for a partner, a boyfriend, or even a fuck buddy. I’m alone, but I’m not lonely. I’m perfectly happy with my own company.


Dear R

You are one of the many Rs I know, but you are definitely the most interesting mind I’ve ever known. Your way of thinking fascinates me, and I am always intrigued by how you see things. I’ve spoken to numerous people in my line of work, but you managed to surpass everyone. I wish you could see how much potential you have. How you could change a generation by teaching them how to think outside the box.

R, it’s not too late. You have an opportunity before you. Chase after your dream. Pursue a college degree. Do it for your son, your family, and more importantly, yourself. Do not let anyone dictate what you can and cannot do. Do not let time and chances just pass you by. By becoming a better version of yourself, you can be a better father for your son.

Your bes and your mind’s #1 fan,


Eat, vomit, repeat.

One week of this vicious cycle and now, my throat is sore. I don’t wanna eat anymore because it’s starting to become a waste of money and energy, but I don’t think my body can cope if I don’t force feed myself. I’m trying my best to win this mind game, but my stomach just.won’t.cooperate.

Tyan, makisama ka naman.