Hey, love.

Funny how we’re both always online, but we seldom talk. We keep staring at that tiny green dot beside our names, waiting for it to appear and then disappear, but never have the courage to even say “hi”.

Do you remember how inseparable we were with our phones because we kept updating each other with our lives? How we were living in different cities but we never felt lonely?

At times, when life becomes too unbearable, I would reach for my phone and look up your name. I would debate with myself whether to send a message or not because it has been a while since we last talked. Since we were okay. I want to tell you how I’m doing and ask for your advice because you always seem to know what to do.

When I left, I thought I could do it alone. But I was wrong. I’m constantly failing in life, and what hurts most is I’m alone. I’ve always been alone since I walked out on you.

How have you been?