I write because [we] exist.

I wield words for a living, but you disarm me with your stare. You make me speechless. You make me feel defenseless. You make me feel vulnerable and weak.

You took my heart with you that fateful day. Sure, I had to fight for yours for a while because it wasn’t where I wanted it to be. It wasn’t easy, but here we are now – side by side, doing everything in our power to stay together.

We have things and people to take care of, but everytime we meet, all our worries and responsibilities fade into the music of own laughter and stories. They keep tearing us apart, so we keep building a world of our own, always stronger than before.

But babe, everytime we say goodbye, my heart breaks a little. We look back as many times as we can until we’re both out of sight. We wish time would stand still because we just can’t get enough. We crave more as we stay longer, but knowing we’ll always be around, we let go. We wait. We patiently wait.

My love, know that you have me. I am yours, and no one can change that except for the one who owns my heart – you.

I love you, babe.
Since then.
Until now.
For as long as I can.