To you who need to start believing in himself

“You’re good for nothing,” they repeatedly said.
And so you grew up believing you wouldn’t amount to anything.

They thought you were always talking back.
They didn’t know you were trying to reason out with their own logic.

They thought you were just fooling around.
They didn’t know they were the reason you didn’t try hard.

They failed to see the expanse of the universe in your mind.
They failed to see the depth of your own understanding of the world you grew up in.

My love, open your eyes to your own possibilities.
Life clipped your wings once — do not let it happen twice.
Soar with your dreams and see the world from above.

Do not let anyone dictate what lies ahead.
Do not let their own fear be your own.

There will be a lot of naysayers —
even those who tell you they love you will try to put you down.

Be with people who see how far you’ll reach.
Be with people who believe how much potential you have.

Persist and don’t ever quit.

Your future lies in your hands.
Be firm with your goals and see yourself where you wanted to be.