Dear M

I know you’re already sleeping, and you’ll probably read this when you wake up, but my mind is spilling with words and my emotions are high, hence I am writing this now..

Thank you for existing, and for sharing your time and life with me. You are the best decision I made this year.

Thank you for proving I am worthy to be loved and respected. You taught me that I deserve to be treated like a queen.

Thank you for changing how I think about love, relationships and commitment. You showed me I am someone to be proud of and not kept hidden.

We have just started, but you have done many things for me — things I haven’t experienced in a long time and/or have yet to experience.

I thank whoever or whatever is working to bring us together. The odds have been in my favor since you came.

With you, I am the luckiest girl in the world.


A second chance to get things right


There was a man who loved me beyond words. But I broke him, and bad karma followed me since then.

After we broke up, I’ve had my fair share of dysfunctional relationships, where I learned a thing or two about love and life.

Like how you can never be enough for someone who doesn’t know what he wants. Or how you cannot force someone to love you the way you want to because love isn’t something you impose. I’ve learned how a one-sided romance can mentally destroy and emotionally drain you, and how it alters your view about how you expect you be treated.

I already accepted the fact that I’d never be good enough for anyone. Until I met another good man.

You see, when you’re from a dysfunctional relationship and someone treats you well, you start having trust issues. You start asking why he’s too good — you wonder if he’s just toying with you, or if he’s only doing it to score a sexual favor. You can’t believe his reasons for doing so because whatever he says just seems too good to be true. But a good man makes you realize how you should be treated — special and with utmost respect. You don’t have to prove anything because a good man knows your worth and won’t waste an opportunity to be with you.

I am lucky to have met another good man. I must have done something right to deserve another chance.

#ATM: July 2017

  • Random hangouts.


  • Team huddles!


  • Spent a lot of time with one of my students, Suzie. She’s like my sister from another mother~


  • Made a tough decision not to apply for my desired position.
  • Took fewer selfies because I was a little busy with work.


  • In love with this guy.