A letter of gratitude

For correcting me when I make mistakes,
For understanding my need (as an introvert) for time and space,
Thank you.

For taking care of me when I am ill and weak,
For cheering me up whenever I lose my will,
Thank you.

For standing with me when I am wronged,
For putting aside our differences to make this work,
Thank you.


Last words

I don’t know which one is worse:

You trying to tear me down without knowing the full story (and many other side stories, if you know what I mean),

Or you carelessly bragging about your philandering husband and his cheating on you, while you try to smear my name (again, without knowing the truth).

Either way, I pity you.

P.S. You both can keep my money. It seems like you need it more than I do.

Don’t you dare bother me or my family again. Or, I swear to God, I’ll drag you both to a small claims court.

Have a good life.

The Puppeteer

Keep feeding your family lies and deceit. I’ll just watch you desperately come up with more stories because at the end of the day, they still don’t know the whole story.

They’ll be on your strings, while you orchestrate another show because that’s how well-versed you are in manipulating people.

You lie, you cheat, you steal. But you will eventually run out of luck, that I’m sure.

So carry on.

6AM Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder what exactly happened.
How did we get together?

We were just friends two months ago,
(though I’ve known you since last year)
and now we are inseparable.

I can’t pinpoint what led us here,
but what I know is this:

I love you.
More and more.

#ATM: August 2017

  • Spent half of the month teaching a 10-year old Chinese boy (who tested my patience and negotiation skills)
  • Random team huddle.
  • Moved closer to BGC, and strolled around High Street the day after to take some photos
  • Visited M’s parents for his brother’s birthday
  • Took a long leave and went back home (after 7 months) with M


  • Celebrated M’s birthday!


  • Still in love with this guy.
  • Selfies~