4 things I wanna tell this bastard

1. Stop spreading lies about me. We both know the truth. You’re a pathological liar — seek professional help. You lie your way out every time you get confronted for your misdeeds.

What, you’re an unmarried father of one? You can only visit your son because you’re not on good terms with the mother of your child? Your child lives in another city and you’re just staying with your father’s new family? You hate the family of your child’s mother that you can’t bear to live with them?

And the lies kept going, until they didn’t make sense anymore. You sold drama to gain sympathy.

2. You owe me 20k. You owe me more than that, but I only asked for 20k to be returned. In case you forgot, I helped you out in your most desperate times.

3. Last time I texted you was 2 months ago and I was just asking for my money. You cussed at me, saying you’re not gonna pay back a single cent. Until now, you still owe me 20k.

4. I believe in karma. I pity anyone who puts their faith on you because you just don’t know how to value trust. To anyone who still believes you, I wish them good luck.

P.S. I held my peace, but you came back, telling people I keep texting you. Wow, too much self-confidence for someone incompetent.

Now, let me go back to ignoring your existence. 😑