A quick gratitude post

I woke up, with my last dream still vivid on my mind.

Everything started catching fire, and I was panicking, dreading the worst. But my mom came and very calmly told me what I had to do. The fire was put out in a minute or two.

I was dreaming, but the fear and panic felt too real. Then I realized why my mom was there.

She has always been the sound voice in my head. She always knows what to do. In every crisis during my turbulent years, she’s my 9-11. Sure, we don’t talk as often as what one would expect, but I can always count on my mother whenever I need her.

I used to think I could survive on my own and my parents need not worry about me, but the more I stayed away from home, the more reckless my decisions became.

I am just grateful for my parents. For the million chances they gave. For believing I am more than my mistakes, and my mistakes are part of my own learning process.

They never judged, for they know who I really am and what I’m capable of. I’m a survivor, but I wouldn’t be without their support.

To my parents, I will never get tired of saying this — thank you. I owe you my life when I was born into our family, when you raised me, and even after I left the nest to live on my own. You are still and always will be the best people I’ve ever known.