Last words

I don’t know which one is worse:

You trying to tear me down without knowing the full story (and many other side stories, if you know what I mean),

Or you carelessly bragging about your philandering husband and his cheating on you, while you try to smear my name (again, without knowing the truth).

Either way, I pity you.

P.S. You both can keep my money. It seems like you need it more than I do.

Don’t you dare bother me or my family again. Or, I swear to God, I’ll drag you both to a small claims court.

Have a good life.


Hi, mga Koya.

Bakit ba karamihan ng nanliligaw sakin either may asawa or may girlfriend?

Mga Koya, you’re talking to someone whose stalking level is 9999.
Kahit magdeny kayo sa harap ko, I will know.
I will definitely know.

Ayoko ng gulo.
Ayoko ng komplikado.
So please, tigilan nyo na ko.


Checking all photos on my phone, it seems I only have 4 friends.
Real ones.
Those who have stayed with me through tough times.
Those who do not shy away from scolding me when I give too much of myself.
Those who do not hold back in telling me what I’m doing wrong.
Those who are proud of my victories and celebrate them with me.
If not for them, I could have lost my sanity by now.
They’ve been generous with their effort, time and understanding.
It’s difficult to find people who won’t take advantage of you.
But I met them and became their friend.
In return, I’ll do anything to keep them.

To my friends, if you’re reading this, thank you.
You’re one of a kind.

Indecent offers

Sorry, I don’t do one-night stands.
Or two-timing.
Or sugar baby.
Or gold digging.
I don’t have sex with just anyone, and I don’t do it just to “get off” either.
On top of that, I feel uncomfortable when someone spends money on me.
I’m very independent and I don’t need a man to finance my lifestyle.
I commit myself to someone because I love that person for who he is, not for what he can do for me.
Thanks, but no thanks.

I don’t know you, and I don’t want and/or need to talk to you.

Too many unregistered numbers have been calling  and texting recently. Lol.
Unfortunately for these people, I don’t answer calls and texts from unknown numbers. They’re automatically blocked.

I don’t give out my number to just anyone, either.
Only those who I met in person and are in good terms with me have my number.

So if you’re calling and I’m not picking up, I hope you get the hint.
If not (because you’re too dense/dumb), then here’s your explanation.

I love you.

​”I’m going to tell you that I love you. I’m going to figure out how. It’s not that it’s a crazy thing to say — of all the words ever spoken in all the languages in the world, it’s got to be the most common three words ever said in that combination. How hard can it be, if so many people have said it before, and if so many people will say it after? To husbands and wives and friends and fathers and mothers and children and you — lovers.

But maybe that’s why it’s hard, you know? Because I really want it to mean something. I need it to mean something. I need to convey what I mean when I say it and there are no other words for it that I can find so I just have to tell you, but I need you to know I mean it.

I need you to know I’m not just saying it the way other people have said it — halfheartedly and too often — and that what I mean is and isn’t what other people mean when they say “I love you.” Because I love you for loving me — or at least I hope you love me, or could learn to love me, or are beginning to love me. And I love you for all the ways you are yourself, for just being you, which, yes, sounds like the most trite way to say why you love someone, but maybe, if all the yous of the world are just different enough, the meaning changes just that much as the phrase jumps from lip to lip, relationship to relationship, I to love to you.

I’m going to tell you I love you.”

– Ella Ceron