#ATM: June 2017

  • Continuously updating my blog and working on my poetry.
  • Currently attendingΒ Basic Interior Styling facilitated by School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA).


  • Visited Alabang after more than 6 months. #hometown


  • Celebrated one of my closest friend’s birthday. Happy birthday, M! ^^


  • Random office moments.


  • Attended Team A’s first ever team lunch.
  • Went to a random exhibit in SM Aura.
  • Random dates and hangouts.


  • Started a new hobby – coloring!


  • Had my hair cut short for a change.


  • Took selfies and #OOTD photos because I’m vain.


  • ..and this notification that made the fan girl in me die in bliss.



#ATM: May 2017

  • Attended Telus International Philippines Q1 2017 Recognition Event: The Great Gatsby.
  • Office moments.

Caught in the act.

  • Strolls and hangouts for stress relief and peace of mind.
  • Coffee/tea dates and nerdy hangout.
  • Survived a minor fire accident.


  • Applied for Basic Interior Styling at School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA).


  • Took selfies and #OOTDs because I’m always vain.

Lost some weight.

#ATM: April 2017

  • Attended Loyalty & Retention Q1 Team Building.
  • Continued teaching.
  • Suffered from a viral infection which resulted to me losing my voice for a few days.


  • Hangout with people close to my heart.
  • Spent time with friends and ended the night with some booze at Marikina Riverbank. #after16years


  • Random office photos.
  • More selfies just because.

#ATM: March 2017

  • Got sick. As always.


  • Lost myΒ furry baby, Jerry.
  • Random office moments.
  • Random dates with people close to my heart.
  • Strolls, because life is just too complicated.
  • Random pictures on my phone.
  • Selfies, because I’m pretty.

#ATM: February 2017

  • Got 3 furry babies! Meet Toby, Chloe, and Jerry~
  • Spent time with my Great Dane furry baby, Blue, too.
  • First time to join a team building.
  • Took a cross-skill training for Loyalty & Retention 2.0.
  • Continued teaching.
  • Random photos on my phone.
  • Selfies.

#ATM: January 2017

  • Attended the birthday feast for December celebrants.


  • Received a very special gift — better late than never. Thank you! ^^


  • Made a friend’s daughter’s birthday by buying her a cake. I really wanted to give her a customized cake, but we didn’t have enough time..


  • Celebrated Mama’s 47th birthday~


  • Made another team happy by giving them free food. LOL
  • Cooked someone a Korean-inspired meal. ^^


  • Bought a new bottle of perfume.


  • Visited Papa’s latest project.


  • Buying another property. ^^


  • Continued teaching.
  • Random dates and strolls.
  • Spent time with people close to my heart.
  • Spent New Year with my Loyalty & Retention family.


  • Spent time with my family, as well.
  • Selfies!