Last words

I don’t know which one is worse:

You trying to tear me down without knowing the full story (and many other side stories, if you know what I mean),

Or you carelessly bragging about your philandering husband and his cheating on you, while you try to smear my name (again, without knowing the truth).

Either way, I pity you.

P.S. You both can keep my money. It seems like you need it more than I do.

Don’t you dare bother me or my family again. Or, I swear to God, I’ll drag you both to a small claims court.

Have a good life.


Hi, mga Koya.

Bakit ba karamihan ng nanliligaw sakin either may asawa or may girlfriend?

Mga Koya, you’re talking to someone whose stalking level is 9999.
Kahit magdeny kayo sa harap ko, I will know.
I will definitely know.

Ayoko ng gulo.
Ayoko ng komplikado.
So please, tigilan nyo na ko.

Indecent offers

Sorry, I don’t do one-night stands.
Or two-timing.
Or sugar baby.
Or gold digging.
I don’t have sex with just anyone, and I don’t do it just to “get off” either.
On top of that, I feel uncomfortable when someone spends money on me.
I’m very independent and I don’t need a man to finance my lifestyle.
I commit myself to someone because I love that person for who he is, not for what he can do for me.
Thanks, but no thanks.

I don’t know you, and I don’t want and/or need to talk to you.

Too many unregistered numbers have been calling Β and texting recently. Lol.
Unfortunately for these people, I don’t answer calls and texts from unknown numbers. They’re automatically blocked.

I don’t give out my number to just anyone, either.
Only those who I met in person and are in good terms with me have my number.

So if you’re calling and I’m not picking up, I hope you get the hint.
If not (because you’re too dense/dumb), then here’s your explanation.

“If” makes all the difference.

If you’re secure with your relationship, you wouldn’t pay attention to my blog. You wouldn’t even stalk me in the first place.


Dear, I can smell your insecurity from where I’m sitting. πŸ˜‚Β What, rant about you? How about you stop stalking my social media accounts and blog first? πŸ˜’Β Hope for the impossible? Wanna bet?Β I hate being in trouble, but don’t ever dare me.Β I can be very competitive.Β πŸ˜‚Β I keep writing about him?Β PleaseΒ don’t make me laugh. He’s not the only man I know. Puh-lease.Β πŸ˜‚

What, I should be thankful because you’re viewing my “nonsense page” so I’m getting +1 view? O.M.G. I will let my last month’s view stats do the talking.


Ah, you accuse me of not being able to move on from the issue, but hey look, WHO KEEPS STALKING MY PAGE AND EVEN COMMENTED ON MY POSTS? Oh right, IT’S YOU. I was just minding my own business here, writing stuff as usual, when suddenly I got a notification for 2 pending comments. And what are the comments about? The same fucking issue. You even added me on Facebook. One word: PATHETIC.

You think this is acting bitchy? No, this is NOT bitchy. This is me responding to your comments. Trust me, you wouldn’t want me to be on bitchy mode. I don’t want to make anyone cry.Β No one insults me and gets away with it. But since I’m obviously more mature than you (we’re miles apart on the maturity spectrum, with you on the bottom end), I’ll let you off the hook. Again. Now, leave me be while I’m still being gracious.

Honey, you reek of insecurity. You’re trying to intimidate me by using big words like “love” and “forgiveness”. But deep down, you’re scared. You are scared of me. I don’t know why exactly, but I’m guessing it’s because your relationship is at its breaking point at the moment. You have too much trust issues and now, you are haunted by paranoia. You are so terrified of what could happen if I continue being friends with him and so, you do your best to make sure we cannot contact each other anymore. I can only laugh at the absurdity of the situation. You keep checking my page if I posted anything – even remotely – related to him, so you can accuse me of clinging onto him. Even if I don’t, you still insist. What a joke.Β 

Let me emphasize this one more time because you seem to have some difficulty comprehending it: I WRITE ABOUT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. I GET INSPIRATION FROM PEOPLE I MEET, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I WRITE ABOUT REALITY. LET THAT SINK IN. Given your close-mindedness (or should I say, simple-mindedness?), it might take a while. Pero siguro naman kaya this year?

I’m done ranting now.Β I’m just gonna relax, enjoy my cup of coffee and keep on blogging.Β While I’m busy here, keep entertaining me.

Hi, fan.

  1. Sobrang galing ko bang writer kaya affected ka sa mga posts ko? Or sobrang assuming ka lang kasi feeling mo lahat tungkol sa yo / inyo?
  2. Thank you sa pagccomment sa posts ko, kahit seriously, tawang-tawa ako sa lahat ng mga pinagsasabi mo. Keep telling yourself that, okay? πŸ˜‚
  3. Sorry ha, hindi ako nag-aadd ng hindi ko kilala sa Facebook. Pero pwede mo naman ako i-follow kung gusto mo. May mga public posts naman ako minsan para masatisfy ang stalking needs mo.


Chill lang sa pagstalk.

Baka masaulo mo na blog ko nyan ah.Β (Almost) everyday,Β updated ka eh.Β Konti na lang talaga mapagkakamalan na kitang fan ko, I swear.

Another piece of unsolicited advice: wag mo pinapraning sarili mo, beshie.Β Masama sa kalusugan yan, especially sa katinuan.Β Bahala ka, ikaw din.

Haaay, ang dami ko nang advice sayo ah.Β Baka gawin mo na kong go-to counselor mo. Naku, sisingilin na talaga kita next time.Β Heads up, mahal hourly rate ko.

O sya, last mo na yan ah. Pahinga na muna sa pagstalk. Pakabusy muna sa mas importanteng mga bagay kesa nagfofocus ka sa unnecessary stress. Baka mas maaga ka pa magkawrinkles kesa sakin.

P.S. O, bago magreact, search mo muna meaning ng sarcasm at satire. πŸ˜‚

– S –