Us, right from the start

“When I saw you,
I fell in love, and
you smiled
because you knew.”

— WilliamΒ Shakespeare


I love you.

​”I’m going to tell you that I love you. I’m going to figure out how. It’s not that it’s a crazy thing to say β€” of all the words ever spoken in all the languages in the world, it’s got to be the most common three words ever said in that combination. How hard can it be, if so many people have said it before, and if so many people will say it after? To husbands and wives and friends and fathers and mothers and children and you β€” lovers.

But maybe that’s why it’s hard, you know? Because I really want it to mean something. I need it to mean something. I need to convey what I mean when I say it and there are no other words for it that I can find so I just have to tell you, but I need you to know I mean it.

I need you to know I’m not just saying it the way other people have said it β€” halfheartedly and too often β€” and that what I mean is and isn’t what other people mean when they say β€œI love you.” Because I love you for loving me β€” or at least I hope you love me, or could learn to love me, or are beginning to love me. And I love you for all the ways you are yourself, for just being you, which, yes, sounds like the most trite way to say why you love someone, but maybe, if all the yous of the world are just different enough, the meaning changes just that much as the phrase jumps from lip to lip, relationship to relationship, I to love to you.

I’m going to tell you I love you.”

–Β Ella Ceron

I will love you most on your worst.

​”I want to restore the pages where you were ripped. I have this desire to love the parts of you which were mistreated, which were held by those weak arms incapable of loving you back. And I will love you through our wars. I will love you even when the hurricane descends. I will love you through difficult times. I will love you on your failures. I will love you on the sharp edges. Show me your imperfections, and I’ll show you how I will love you most on your worst.”

β€”Shi Collantes

The day you saved a dying girl, she fell in love with you.

“Amidst the darkness, was the single ray of light that gave my life meaning.

It was the heart beating, fighting, even when everything was falling apart.
It was my eyes opening to the sound of my alarm, my mind suddenly jerking into consciousness.
It was my body working, even when the mind tries to refuse.
It was the sound of the birds chirping on a sunny morning.

It was hope. There was hope.
I had hope.
And for the first time, I felt alive again.

And everything suddenly felt like I was doing it for a reason.
I found hope.
And hope was you.

I found hope in you.”

~ Chantal Louise Calingasan